Illumination 110 Lighting Console
Sponsored by ENTTEC

The Illumination 100 is a very simple two scene preset lighting console. For many many years this style was the industy standard for lighting consoles before the advent of cue save and recall systems. This is a great console for small shows, not requiring a lot of scene changes. It's a fun console to run a small show from since it is very hands on compared to preset cue systems. It's also a great diagnostic tool for testing lighting systems. We offer this product totally free of charge to anyone who wants it. Feel free to redistribute it however you please so long as its free. All we ask is that you link back to us if you place this software on your website, or that you tell your friends about us if you like it. The more support it gets, the more free software we will develop, so it's up to you!


System Requirements:


Illumination 100 v1.00
Microsoft .Net Framework v 2.0 (required)